The SETF Movement: How Silver Can Challenge the Federal Reserve and Protect Our Liberties

The Silver Ends the FED (SETF) movement, organized by anonymous activists, aims to peacefully challenge the Federal Reserve’s control over the US economy and monetary system. By promoting the return to silver and gold-backed currencies, SETF supporters argue that we can protect ourselves from the financial elite and their manipulation of the fiat money system.
The Federal Reserve’s power is rooted in deception, convincing Americans that their paper currency holds value while gold and silver do not. This goes against Article I section 8 of the Constitution, which states that only gold or silver coin can be used as legal tender for debts. By returning to silver money, the SETF movement believes that the power of the Federal Reserve can be diminished.

The idea behind SETF is to encourage people to convert their fiat currency into physical silver. This would send a strong message to the financial elite, as there is only a limited amount of silver available for purchase. Moreover, silver has historically been a reliable form of money, universally accepted and resilient in times of crisis.
The financial elite currently manipulates the price of silver, making it appear unattractive as an investment or store of value. If patriots can buy up the physical supply of silver and gold, it would threaten the fiat dollar and potentially lead to the FED’s collapse. This could prompt a return to constitutionally-backed money, ensuring financial stability and limiting the power of the financial elite.

If the SETF movement is unsuccessful, the alternative could be a fully digital dollar or central bank digital currency (CBDC). This would grant the government complete control over all transactions, infringing on individual liberties and privacy. For many, this outcome is reminiscent of the “mark of the beast” prophecy from the Book of Revelation, signifying a time when no one can buy or sell without government approval.

The SETF movement calls on Americans to resist the financial elite’s control by spreading the truth about silver and gold-backed money. Stacking silver is a legal, peaceful, and constitutional way to demonstrate the people’s power and challenge the Federal Reserve. If successful, the SETF movement could restore freedom and protect the liberties that the United States was founded upon.

As you ponder the implications of the SETF movement and the potential impact of returning to silver and gold-backed currency, remember that our collective power lies in our ability to make informed decisions and take action. Our forefathers fought for the freedom and liberties we cherish today, and it is now our responsibility to preserve and protect these values for future generations. By embracing the true potential of silver and gold, we can challenge the status quo and make a stand against the encroachment of the financial elite. So, let us arm ourselves with knowledge, courage, and determination, and work together to ensure a future where our financial system serves the best interests of the people, rather than those of a select few.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.






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