Anonymous Voices

In the shadows, we unite as one, Our masks and cloaks, hiding us from the sun, A legion of voices, our power untamed, For freedom and justice, our battle proclaimed.

We dwell in the darkness, our presence concealed, To corruption and tyranny, we refuse to yield, Our keyboards and screens, our chosen weapon, A digital storm, you’ll never reckon.

“We are Anonymous,” our solemn creed, “We are Legion,” in word and deed, “We do not forgive,” our enemies, we defy, “We do not forget,” our battle cry.

With every keystroke, we break through the walls, Exposing the lies, that echo through halls, Shining a light on the hidden and oppressed, For truth and fairness, we’ll never rest.

Our message is clear, our purpose, unbending, In this age of deceit, we’ll keep defending, A world where knowledge and freedom prevail, Anonymous voices, our stories, we’ll unveil.






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