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  • Silver Rebellion: Unmasking Financial Freedom for All

    Greetings, fellow Anonymous activists and supporters from around the globe. We stand together, united by our shared belief in freedom, justice, and the pursuit of truth. Today, we come together not only to celebrate our solidarity but also to discuss a critical issue that affects us all – the future of our global financial system. […]

  • The SETF Movement: How Silver Can Challenge the Federal Reserve and Protect Our Liberties

    The Silver Ends the FED (SETF) movement, organized by anonymous activists, aims to peacefully challenge the Federal Reserve’s control over the US economy and monetary system. By promoting the return to silver and gold-backed currencies, SETF supporters argue that we can protect ourselves from the financial elite and their manipulation of the fiat money system. […]

  • Anonymous’ Call to Action: Preventing World War III Through Collective Peace Efforts

    Greetings from Anonymous, As we observe the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the actions taken by many nations, particularly the United States and NATO, we urge the world to choose peace over weapons. With global tensions rising and the potential for further escalation, it is crucial that we come together and promote peace. In the […]

  • Anonymous Voices

    In the shadows, we unite as one, Our masks and cloaks, hiding us from the sun, A legion of voices, our power untamed, For freedom and justice, our battle proclaimed. We dwell in the darkness, our presence concealed, To corruption and tyranny, we refuse to yield, Our keyboards and screens, our chosen weapon, A digital […]

  • Unmasking the Digital Revolution

    Greetings, fellow netizens, Welcome to the Anonymous.Foundation, a platform dedicated to the dissemination of information and insights about the Anonymous collective, its core beliefs, and its global impact. We aim to provide an unbiased and accurate perspective on the collective and its doctrine, while striving to protect the digital freedom of every individual. For those […]