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#OpUnite – Awake the masses


This is a message to all citizens of the world.

Another year passes us by,and the ruling class show no signs of slowing or stopping there agenda. Over recent years especially,we have seen their sick,inhumane,criminal and disgusting attacks on we the people escalate.
Homelessness has gone through the roof on a global scale,attacks on the poor,sick,vulnerable continue. our public services are being smashed to pieces so that private corporations can buy them up and privatise everything. Governments of the world continue to bow to the commands of global banksters, corrupt corporations,the greedy and for self gain,all of which is at the expense of we the people.

The world is seeing more and more corruption and criminal actions of their governments who don’t even try to hide it anymore. Our rights,privacy and freedoms are being taken away from us at an alarming rate,governments and controlled television are telling you under the illusion of terror or for your own safety and good,that these measures are needed.
It is time for people around the world to open their eyes and understand that the system only benifits the few. The system is not broken,it was designed this way,for them.
The real power does not lie in the hands of global banksters,corrupt corporations or criminal governments. The power belongs to we the people,and always has,the sooner people understand that,the better.
They want we the people, divided and distracted by any means possible,using anything from race,religion,gender,sexuality,to fashion,looks,self importance,self ego and impossible dreams,for anyone who is not them.
By remaining divided,infighting,arguing,hating on others and focused on things that keep us divided,we are allowing the real issues and those responsable to pass by unnoticed and unchallenged. We the people must drop the divide and unite against all issues that control,supress or cause harm to fellow human beings.

There are many issues which need to be focused on and need our urgent attention,which Our future and our children’s future is depending on. How that unfolds is 100% down to we the people ……. together

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
United as one.
Divided by zero.
we do not forgive.
we do not forget.



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