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Duty of youth is to challenge corruption | #OpNimr #FreeThe3


Text RESIST to 50409

I’ve edited this post to help people outside the United States who want to get involved to #FreeThe3. That information is after the ResistBot message. Use that message when texting with whichever service, or use your own message.


Support and donate to @botresist for a great service they provide! Donations pay for your postage, faxes, calls, and texts.


Text RESIST to 50409

Tell Congress to #FreeThe3 and all on death row arrested as children.

When contacting your local representatives, be polite and calm. If not, they might disregard your message.

Send your local representatives the below message or text your own:

Please help to free and stop the executions of Arab Spring political prisoners Ali AlNimr, Abdullah AlZaher, Dawood AlMarhoon, and all political prisoners on death row in Saudi Arabia arrested as children. Time is running out as more executions of protestors have started up again the past two weeks.

Peaceful Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr and Arab Spring political prisoners Ali AlRebh, Mohammed AlSuwaimil, and Mohammed AlSheiukh were executed in a mass execution on January 2, 2016. 47 in all were executed that day. They were beheaded, crucified, and their bodies not returned to their families.

AlNimr, AlZaher, AlMarhoon, AlRebh, AlSuwaimil, and AlSheiukh were arrested as minors and tortured.

Thank You.

#Ali_AlNimr #AbdullahAlZaher #DawoodAlMarhoon

#SheikhNimr #AliAlRebh #MohammedAlSuwaimil #MohammedAlSheiukh

#FreeThe3 #OpNimr


LobbyPhone is another U.S. service.

LobbyPhone, by John Emerson (@backspace)


Text your U.S. postal address to (520) 200–2223 and get a text back with your state & federal legislative rep phone numbers.


Call Power is international.

Call Power — Connecting people to power with their phones

Internationalization — add SMS or “missed-call” capabilities and drive action all over the world

Open Source — Our code is available for free, and is easy to host in the cloud or on your own servers. When anyone else adds features, they will also be free.


Senators of the 115th Congress

Directory of Representatives

Contact Your State Governor

Government Agencies and Elected Officials

How to Contact Your Elected Officials

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