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This article is now unfortunately deleted.

The administrator of Anonymous Bites Back and Anonymous Worldwide website wrongfully accused this website and Anonymous Foundation and the rest of Anons helping us that we make profits.

The admins of Anonymous Bites Back and Anonymous Worldwide website said that we make a profit which – as you can see is totally incorrect, given the fact that NONE of our websites have any commercial adverts nor donate buttons.

Not only have the administrators of the Anonymous Worldwide and Anonymous Bites Back website told lies to a newbie who was going to start a new Anon Op, but they deleted the chat surrounding the operation work. (Their excuse, as below – it was not an Anon Op and was not in an Anonymous chat server)

The administrators of Anonymous Worldwide website and Anonymous Bites Back have criticised that we are stealing work (how do Anons steal work??), have said we make profits (how is that even possible? lol) and have not allowed free speech from myself (nor others who disagree with them) in their chats.

Soon to be uploaded here is direct screenshots of AnonymousWorldwide website admins and AnonymousBitesBack admins telling a newbie that we make profits, discouraging said newbie to not help with the op.

In meantime, there are some screenshots (random) from another blog being prepared elsewhere.
These are below:

Offering help to get stopacta2.org back online, but the admins of AnonymousWorldwide website and AnonymousBitesBack accused me of wanting to “steal” the domain name,  despite the fact it was said AF project can snap domain on expiry and if original owners return then can transfer back to them.
With regards to aa43,  they wanted links to petition and chat back on this site and others, for protection of newcomers this is not possible else they may believe lack of free speech from admins of AnonymousWorldwide and AnonymousBitesBack to be adhering to core values – free speech.

The cluelessness referred to in this instance is admins from AnonymousWorldwide website and AnonymousBitesBack totally negating the right of free speech by deleting chat and banning etc.

Incorrect, the op work the admins of AnonymousBitesBack and AnonymousWorldwide deleted was in relation to this very page, Op406

Admins from AnonymousWorldwide and AnonymousBitesBack then told the person who was starting the ops that we are fake, we steal work, we make profits.   Said person obviously stopped wanting to do op.

Mark is effectively the main admin for AnonymousWorldwide website and the ABB shows,  Anonymous Bites Back.   Here, Mark attempts to excuse his friend (admin) for making false accusations that we profit as well as excusing his friend (admin) for banning and deleting chat.
Prior to this, Mark questioned whether said admin was suited as admin? LOL
Mark also says its not an Anonymous server,  despite the fact it has Anon imagery and is full of “Anons” and is promoted across several anon chats, sometimes even as Anonymous Lulz.
Even if it were not Anonymous,  does that mean an Anonymous admin can pick and choose where and when they want free speech? LOLOLOL

Tan – incorrect, he deleted Anon Op work and made accusations against us.  Your admin from AnonymousBitesBack and AnonymousWorldwide did these actions – as you know.

Mark – imagine considering yourself Anonymous and totally negating free speech.    Imagine considering yourself Anonymous and allowing your admins to delete Anon Ops and offers of help?    LOL  #hypocrisy

Blackburn,  so,  since when did “Anons” get to pick and choose where and when they allow free speech?  LOL oh my….. lolol

Mark, you will respond accordingly?   That means you will align yourself to the values of Anonymous and free speech?
Or, does your responding accordingly refer to your chat with me where you claim I want war?    Whats that – war,  war for blogging about clueless people who can’t even adhere to core values of free speech?
Ironic… lol

Here, the admin of AnonymousWorldwide website and AnonymousBitesBack shows now declare that StopACTA2 is not an Anonymous Operation – despite their website showing Anonymous imagery and the petition showing Anonymous logo.  (Comedy – you couldn’t make it up lolol)
Political parties?   Err……….

Above shows admin of AnonymousWorldwide website and ABB,  AnonymousBitesBack shows to make same accusations as some of his other admins that we make money and profits.
Reminded that they too are also the same as myself, – a founder and admin of Anonymous Foundation project, they then said they are not a founder of that shit…. This is despite the fact that they have remained in chatroom as a founder and admin for nearly 3 years already,  have logins to websites and have discussed at length said project.

Last screenshot shows aa43 asking what happened.   Mark replies with he does not know.

However, Mark does know.  It was Mark who deleted my offers of help in that chat server.  he deleted my offers of help after he had banned me.
Yet, when aa43 asks why – he says he does not know!

Mark has also banned me from his Anonymous Exodus server.  Not only has he banned me from there for my free speech,  but he has deleted my op work in their op channels.   Such op work which has been deleted is for #FreeAssange,  #StopACTA2 – where he simply deleted entirety of my requests and offers to help ops.

In regards to OpHomeless / OpSafeWinter,  Mark not only deleted the entirety of my work there but has also deleted the entire channel.

In respect of the above, AnonymousWOrldwide and AnonymousBitesBack admins are guilty of:

  • Not allowing free speech by deleting chat
  • Not allowing free speech by banning people for no reason (other than they don’t like said people)
  • Making accusations saying AF project steal and make profits
  • Deleting Anonymous Operation work in different servers, purposefully and spitefully – as there can be no other reason for said delete.

There are other blogs about AnonymousWorldwide and Anonymous Bites Back admins,  these will appear soon.

As Mark said and threatened war for badmouthing them, I simply replied it is not badmouthing – its just exposing their actions.




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