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Ad hack subvertisers London – Potent Whisper (Georgie)

Subvertisers in London have struck again on London Underground, this time with a poem from Potent Whisper Potent Whsiper helped with #OpFreeAnons in the case...

Stop ACTA2 – Europe Protests

Anonymous are protesting across Europe on January 19th 2019 in protest of ACTA2.   You can find your country in the list below, or...

Why are African governments criminalising online speech? Because they fear its power.

Students at Haromaya University in Ethiopia displaying a quasi-official anti-government gesture. Photo shared widely on social media. Africa’s landscape of online free speech and dissent...

Khayrullo Mirsaidov: the journalist from Tajikistan who received 12 years in prison for his...

The West cannot preach democracy and free media in Tajikistan while leaving the locals who implement these principles to fend for themselves. RU Khayrullo Mirsaidov. Image:...