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Valentina. Tech blogger, researcher, dreamer.

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This article is now unfortunately deleted. The administrator of Anonymous Bites Back and Anonymous Worldwide website wrongfully accused this website and Anonymous Foundation and the...

For The 3rd Time In Less Than 2 Years, an Intercept Source Has Been...

As if you need any more reason to stop reading The Intercept, yesterday morning, May 9th 2019, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) arrested...

Debunking Julian Assange smears

Debunking Julian Assange smears Have you ever noticed how whenever someone inconveniences the dominant western power structure, the entire political/media class rapidly becomes very, very...

Why Your Hatred Of Assange Is Completely Irrelevant

By the time I publish this we’ll be at or around the 24-hour mark since WikiLeaks announced that two high level Ecuadorian government insiders...