Respect is necessary to truly be heard. Justice unites the
collective under a single ethical banner. Those who see this
banner are filled with hope and support for Anonymous. Hope is
the tool of change which ignites false promises and illuminates
minds lost in the darkness of fear. Anonymous give individuals
strength to speak out, and makes their voices magnified times
nine-thousand and one. Without justice, Anonymous is separated
and the people, truly lost.

You may take part below and help us expose and draw attention to this infection we have runing rampant across social media. Afterwards feel free to upload or share this video with its message everywhere!

Don’t stop at just so called anon accounts on twitter , you may continue on to all fake anon accounts and Antifa pages that you find on any social media site as well if you want to put in the extra leg work.

Much love family!


Please find the below hashtags, comment the below hashtags then re-tweet on the accounts of interest below:



Fake anonymous accounts on Twitter of interest:


Again: you may continue on to all fake anon accounts and Antifa pages that you find on any social media site as well if you want to put in the extra leg work.

If you really believe you are anon and also find yourself in a bit of quagmire and support Antifa, but feel you have been misled ….this is your time to choose , as you know , Antifa and Anonymous are incompatible and are truly polar opposites on almost every level. See the unofficial creed, the rules of a anon protest or just consult common f$*$#[email protected]& sense for your answers.

Soros gives 1.7 million to Antifa (Elite Funded):…

Antifa Domestic Terror Organization (Antifas Set Up):…………………

We are Anonymous

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El Fish Knows

Antifa is a cancer in demonstrations. Funded by the elite. They must be exposed for what they are.


LucienOrionHatter /PSN LucienDeath

Antifa reminds me of those ACME products in loony toons that always blow up in your face. 🙀


dispute one

Great work family, appreciate your efforts.


Summer Finch

Thank you for all that you guys are, everything you stand for. I will forever support anonymous. Violence is never the answer only love. God bless. 🙂


Ginger Cash

ANTIFA is paid by George Soros although he has not been very good about paying them lately.



The world is full of absurd bullshit. How do people leave their house with the game plan to act like these dipshits fighting on video. I’m 100% behind personal freedoms and fighting for them but SO MANY human beings are chasing their own tales so to speak and fighting on the wrong side of the war without even knowing it.


Butter Nubz

Antifa and the left are marching towards their graves lol.


Ginger Cash

I am Anonymous. I stand for love, peace, freedom, equality, prosperity, truth, integrity, honor, morals.


Erica Huebner

I agree with Anonymous 100% thank you for doing all that you do God bless


Tanya Seals

Thank you anonymous



Spring Larkin

Antifa tries to shut down anyone who disagrees with their Communist views. They are violent extremists and I am against any violent extremists. People or groups who use violence in order to push their political ideologies are nothing more or less than terrorists.


Jennifer Urtz

Thank you for all you do. I am definitely for peace not violence. ✌👍



The real fascists are ‘ANTIFA’



Raymond R

If Anifita really wants to start a civil war on Nov 4th, what the hell does president trump plan to do about it. Why hasnt George soros been arrested yet. I believe in and support Anonymous, but at the same time, we have to protect ourselves,our believes and the believes of Anonymous. That is why as anonymous soldier, I will defend and fight for Anonymous, and everything they stand for. I will not stand by and let people like Anifita tear down this great country and everything Anonymous has been working hard to accomplish. But I am only one person, Anonymous need more soldiers.


Дядя Федя

ANTIFA Socialists must die!!!


alva sandoval

Yes!! ty!!! I love u all!!







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