About the Anonymous Foundation

The Anonymous Foundation exists in an effort to facilitate the Anonymous Collective in its humanitarian operations and campaigns by providing support, resources and financial donations. Examples of the financial donations are toward legal fees of people who have risked their liberty in an attempt to help change the world for a better place (journalists, hacktivists, alleged hacktivists).   Financial support has also been given toward #ophomeless and #OpPaperstorm.

There are many “Anonymous” websites which have commercial adverts as well as selling Anonymous related merchandise, however such websites fail to provide any transparency in what they actually do with the money they receive from their sales.  Anonymous is not for self profit. To this end, the Anonymous Foundation seeks to fundraise through a variety of methods in an open transparent way as possible.

There is a global awakening with those previously asleep to the injustices being committed in the world. We are the resistance with a call to action. Many citizens have followed the actions of Anonymous supporting the revolution, having limited technological skills but you do not have to be a hacker to be Anonymous and resist the policies of corruption from within. We are all Anonymous.

We are beginning a time of transition and in this age of information, the war to distract and divide the masses is prevailing and we sadly as a collective are falling apart. We’re more divided now than ever as main stream media propaganda and false flags cause many fake Anonymous groups to arise misrepresenting Anonymous like those profiting off the name of Anonymous with merchandise using Anonymous for their own benefits and by Anonymous crowdfunding campaigns are all destroying the Anonymous creed which promotes non-violent, peaceful civil disobedience.

Collective ideals are anti-establishment and collectively we are known to target corporations, banks and government organizations, child sex abuse sites as well as terrorist websites while publicly promoting social engagement and calls to action to protect freedoms and injustices against humanity.

Today, those who support the Anonymous movement by re-creating their own collectives to provide opportunities to help build and inspire future Anons and web activists to take to the streets and defend their rights are undoubtedly making an impact. The dilemma is that many shill prestidigitators and groups are diligently working from within the collective to undermine parts of the Anonymous collective against each another. Ultimately groups are hating one another, trolls are feigning on trolling and while some are still mirroring the goals of Anonymous fewer altruistic members means a lack of focus on the enslavement that has stopped our evolution and removed our freedoms. Surely the results and end game here are the same as the global elitist which distract and divide. The elite are the ultimate trolls trolling the world who have already won because we are to busy destroying one another instead of attacking them. It is the elite that need to be trolled and destroyed not US not each other!

We must align if we are to stand a chance against the tyrants and incoming tides of false flags and global elitist propaganda. United as one, divided by zero collectively casting out the mirage of what divides us, weakens and pulls us apart. Together we cripple their ability to brainwash and our resistance are steps closer to preventing the division they have been conquering against us and as their evil-doer tactics fail they are unable to continue the vicious cycle of false flags and efforts of sustaining/starting new wars by divide and conquer propaganda. The elitist psych ops benefit governments, corporations and banks for their profit. We must unite and resist!

We want the collective to succeed and teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success! Together we conquer, divided we fall! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the voice of the voiceless, united as one, divided by zero. We are Anonymous.  We are Anonymous Foundation.

Unlike many other websites selling Anonymous related merchandise without any transparency, the Anonymous Foundation seeks to exist to provide transparency and an effort to further contribute to Anonymous operations such as #OpPaperstorm, #OpFreeAnons, #OpHomeless – providing resources and funding for these operations from income received from sale of Anonymous merchandise with transparency as to the finances.  Anonymous is not for self profit.  Anonymous is not for personal gain.

If you wish to help the Anonymous Foundation please to access forum and unlock non public areas of this site.

Some Anonymous Foundation websites:

http://www.iamanonymous.com  Anonymous Operations, Anonymous News, Anonymous related worldwide News.

http://www.opfreeanons.com The purpose of opfreeanons.com is to help facilitate journalists, hackers and alleged hackers (or hacktivists) who are in prison or being persecuted. Awareness, research and fundraising for legal fees. 

http://www.operationpaperstorm.org An old Anonymous Operation which has been recently revived, operationpaperstorm.org enables anyone to upload and share images as well as providing details for operationpaperstorm.

http://www.ophomeless.com Website under development, new functions and apps are to be included in future updates.