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Anonymous Declares Total War Against Terrorists Racists Groups


          AnonsBako – On March 26, 2019, the hacktivist group known as ” Anonymous ” uploaded to Youtube a video which they basically declare total war against racists terrorist groups like KKK, Alt Right, White Nationalists, Proud Boys, Identity Evropa, Neo Nazis.

         This comes after those terrorist groups did 2 terrorist acts, one on Charlottesville and now the recent one on New Zealand against Muslims. On their video, titled ” Anonymous Bakersfield – #OpDomesticterrorism – Declaration of War ”, Anonymous shared the private information of racists living in Kern County, California as part of their #OpDomesticTerrorism. 


The information that Anonymous shared includes the Street Addresses, Phone Numbers, Names, Jobs and Social Media accounts. 

You can access Anonymous Doxx 1 in the following link: pastebin.com/DtzSUBP3

You can access Anonymous Doxx 2 in the following link: pastebin.com/Kaxg0bGr

You can access Anonymous Doxx 3 in the following link: pastebin.com/QKf6XQ2u

You can access Anonymous Doxx 4 in the following link: pastebin.com/q61RsUtp

You can access Anonymous Doxx 5 in the following link: pastebin.com/ejJTeAeG

You can access the final Anonymous Doxx 6 in the following link: pastebin.com/KPWrn8gF

The hacktivist group Anonymous also posted on their Minds.com channel a blog where they shared the doxx’s, the youtube video and the text of the video. You can access that by clicking the following link: www.minds.com/AnonBako/blog/anonymous-bakersfield-opdomesticterrorism-declaration-of-war-957464903830278144

It seems that Anonymous is not playing around since the KKK, Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, Proud Boys, and Identity Evropa started doing their terrorist acts. One thing is for sure, this terrorist racist groups sure messed up with the wrong collective.



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